First Things First

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January 3, 2019

“But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” Matthew 6:33

The first place I am seeking to be intentional is in my relationship with God. Everything else falls into the category of “all these things,” and I am claiming His promise that those “things” will be “added to” me as I intentionally pursue Him first. 
  • When I look at my life from His perspective, I am able to see “things” from the vantage point of eternity and the momentary circumstances soon pale in comparison. 
  • Remembering that my life is not my own, but was bought with a price, points me back to the gospel and how it puts “all these things” in their proper place. 
  • Knowing that my spiritual life supersedes and impacts all other aspects of “my” life, the truth of the above scripture has already proven trustworthy throughout my life. God has never failed to keep this Word to me. 

So, how am I being intentional in my walk with Christ? Where does my intentionality start? While I am still praying through the specifics, (I understand that “the experts” insist that resolutions and goals need to be specific to be successful.) I am hesitant to make some grand proclamation of some plan that I can’t follow through with . . . 
I know I NEED to develop my time in the Word AND my time in prayer. As a result, here is my plan three days in: 
I am reading Paul David Tripp’s New Morning Mercies. It’s a daily “gospel” devotional, with each entry pointing the reader back to the truth of the good news. It isn’t long but it’s got depth and every page ends with a short scripture reading to meditate on. 
To keep it from becoming just one more thing I read in the mornings -along with news, emails and Facebook, I have begun a journal of sorts. After the date, I am copying/writing a few quotes of Tripp’s and my own that I want to reflect on throughout the day. Then, a simple one line or two, I am writing a bottom line prayer, asking God to take my intentions and do with them whatever He will. 
Realizing my prayer life needs more intentionality than this, I expect and plan to be more intentional in how and when I pray. 
Realizing that I need to be in the Word more than this, I have a couple more books that I can’t wait to dig into and read this year too. (Thanks Momma for the great Christmas gifts: None Like Him, by Jen Wilkin and Gracelaced by Ruth Chou Simmons)
Realizing that when I am intentional in seeking Him first, “all these things,” aka – my other areas of New Year’s resolutions, “will be added.” The health goals, the job goals, the personal/relationship goals will come too. They will come as a result of my pursuit of the first goal – to intentionally seek Him first. 
So, what are your goals for the New Year? Let me encourage you to put seeking Him first as first on your list . . . Test God and see if He doesn’t keep His Word to you too. See that if you seek Him first, He doesn’t help you meet the rest of your goals along the way. 
Who knows? Maybe as we place Him first, He will edit the rest of our goals? Either way, we know that He is good and the that He finishes what He starts. Sounds like a good resolution/accountability partner to me!

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