Grace Upon Grace

Written on

January 17, 2024

“For from his fullness we have all received grace upon grace.”

John 1:16 (ESV)

As I sit here looking out at the snow (3ish inches or so), God’s goodness overwhelms me. Yes, a snow day free from work responsibilities, but there is SO much more grace to be grateful for: puzzles, games and snow time with the girlies, Wally’s amazing stew for dinner last night (and leftovers for lunch today!), warm house, cozy blankets, phone call from Mom, FaceTime with my favorite college coed – all evidence of His grace upon grace.

I openly and freely acknowledge that it isn’t my hard work or morality that has gotten me to this spot on the end of my couch today. I didn’t earn or deserve these blessings. I could be somewhere else, someone else. It is all grace, grace that I have received. My life would be vastly different – if it weren’t for grace.

But God – from His fullness, I have received grace upon grace. He is complete. He lacks nothing. He is the definition of abundance and He is generous. I receive because He gives and He is giving.

The definition of “grace,” is being given what one doesn’t deserve and these blessings I have listed this morning are built upon the most amazing grace of all, the good grace that the gospel has afforded me.

I cannot comprehend it, yet I know it to be true. I will never, because I can never, rationalize the gift of grace I have received in Christ, my salvation – all three parts of it (justification, sanctification and glorification). I continue to be amazed that the I have received and continue to receive and will ultimately receive this grace upon grace.

It is this grace upon grace that redeems my past and reconciles me to my Creator and restores my future.

Is is this grace upon grace that allows me to find security in the One who gives me my identity, finds value within me and promises to never leave me.

It is this grace upon grace that instills purpose within me, sustains me through pain and upholds me in grief.

It is this grace that my faith is built upon – His goodness in giving, His faithfulness in keeping, His character in being.

So whether it is the grace of an unexpected or extended snow day or the deeper grace of the sustaining core components of real life – I have received, from His fullness – grace upon grace.

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