A “Way” In A Manger

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December 4, 2018

The advertisement on the back of our insurance company’s monthly magazine is fantastic. I had never heard of the company, but they definitely got my attention.

Across the top of their ad was this statement, printed this way:

“aWAY in a manger
was born on the first Christmas night.”
Under that was a picture of a manger on the right and in the sun set picture of the left can be found the three crosses of Calvary. 
Then along the bottom of the picture reads:
“There has been only one Christmas, the rest are anniversaries.” 
I haven’t been able to get this thought, this image out of my head since. My pastor mentioned the ad from the pulpit on Sunday morning. It made an impression on him too. The Christmas hymn, “Away In A Manger” has taken on a new meaning I won’t soon forget. 
But as I’ve pondered it, I have also reflected how Jesus said He was THE way, the truth and the life. (John 14:6 – emphasis mine)
The ladies and I that meet for Bible Study on the last Friday of the month examined the names of Christ in relation to advent just this past Friday. (Check out this great resource – Unwrapping the Names of Jesus) We looked at that verse from John, but focused on how He called Himself “The Truth.” Just as He isn’t “a” truth, He is THE truth. 
There isn’t another way to God. There isn’t another truth to find. There isn’t another true life out there to live or obtain. 
All other ways to God will fail. All other thoughts on Truth are Satan’s attempts to distort Jesus. All other lives that are lived without Him are mere shadows and facades of what they were intended to be. 
Jesus was, is and will always be THE WAY that was born in a manger.  

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